An Insurance claim payment made to fix the car in Bokhtar

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Insurance company “Eskhata Sughurta” LLC made an insurance payment in the framework of the Auto Insurance contract in the amount of 33,292 TJS Somoni.
The driver, with the intention of avoiding potential accidents with other road participants, lost control and, as a result, fell into the sidelines. The front of the car was damaged. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Experts of “Eskhata Sughurta” with the authorized bodies of the city of Bokhtar estimated the size of the loss, and the accident that occurred was identified as an accident.
The size of the loss amounted to 33,292 somoni and Eskhata Sugurta immediately paid the amount after receiving the result of the conclusion. This amount was spent on a complete renovation of the damaged car, additional car parts and body paint.