Insurance of property accepted by the bank as collateral
Why do you need property insurance in the pledge?
Should you be interested in what is property insurance pledged for?
Loans and Bank Guarantees provide an opportunity to address personal or commercial needs. In this case, banks and financial institutions in order to ensure the repayment of loans take property as collateral, such as Goods in stock, deposits, apartment, household assets, vehicles and other assets.
In the case of an insured event, you may experience financial losses to restore collateral in addition to financial obligations to the bank, which may lead you to fines and pensions in case of overdue loans.
Eskhata Sughurta offers insurance protection to clients for the restoration of property in case of partial or complete destruction in accordance with the terms of the insurance contract.
Such opportunities transfer to the client not only to avoid fines and pensions in loans, but also to avoid the possibility of financially burdening their loved ones to recover losses.
Insurance Objects
  • buildings, structures (including premises at the cost of finishing and repair);
  • office and trade equipment, tools and inventory, furniture;
  • office and goods in circulation;
  • raw materials;
  • special equipment;
  • land;
  • other types of property pledged to banks.
Insurance risks
  • Fire, lightning, gas explosion;
  • explosion of pressure equipment;
  • natural disasters;
  • damage to property by water from plumbing, sewage, heating systems, fire extinguishing systems and air conditioning;
  • malicious actions of third parties, including theft with illegal entry and robbery;
  • hitting ground vehicles;
  • the fall of flying manned vehicles or their fragments;
  • damage to window glass, mirrors and windows.
Insurance is also possible on “all risks” terms.
Standard exceptions:
  • exposure to noise, pollution and other similar hazards;
  • military risks, risks of theft and other similar hazards;
  • risks associated with exposure to a nuclear explosion and radiation hazard.