You never know what surprise to expect and when. But sometimes these are not the best surprises.
Unexpected health events can happen to anyone. Fortunately for us, when we encounter injuries, illnesses, and other health-related events, we have close relatives and friends to whom we can turn to or visit a doctor whom we have known for many years.
But what if such circumstances with health occur in a foreign country, in an unknown city for you? Who can ask for help if you are not familiar with local doctors while traveling?
Would you like to feel safe and confident in your travels, knowing that someone will help you in such circumstances?
Eskhata Sughurta offers you and your family medical insurance if you are planning to travel outside the Republic of Tajikistan.
Our insurance policy is also suitable for obtaining a Schengen visa in the countries of the European Union.
Medical insurance intends to cover expenses, such as payment for the services of doctors and hospitals in accidents (injuries, accidents, infectious or food poisoning, fractures, sharp toothaches, etc.). The program includes coverage of expenses such as:
  • Ambulance services
  • Payment of medical expenses
  • Payment of dentist’s services for sharp toothache
  • Repatriation in case of death
With “Eskhata Sughurta”, You are safe. We will make every effort to minimize the consequences of the problems!


Enjoy your holiday!