Do you have an object to build a dwelling house, a shopping and entertainment center or a manufacturing plant? You know the estimates of materials and special equipment necessary for the implementation of the construction object? You should be aware of the risks involved in construction work.
In addition to expensive prices for the purchase of building materials and equipment, there are risks in the construction of which your object may suffer damage. Risks can be human and natural phenomena that, in addition to the construction object, can damage expensive building techniques.
Eskhata Sughurta offers insurance protection of construction and installation works against various risks (natural disasters, mistakes and omissions during work, short circuits, overvoltage of the power supply network, and other emergency events)
You can insure the following construction objects:
  • industrial construction facilities – industrial buildings, transport infrastructure facilities (road and railway facilities, airports, bridges, canals, tunnels);
  • civil engineering (administrative buildings, housing construction, etc.);
  • objects located on the construction site or in close proximity to it, owned by the customer or contractor;
All-risk insurance, i.e. any events that are not specifically excluded by the terms of insurance under the policy or rules that lead to the death, loss or damage to the insured objects of contract works. In particular, such events are:
  • natural disasters or similar natural hazards (earthquake, landslide, flood, rain, snow, flood, storm, hurricane, typhoon, tornado, etc.),
  • fire, lightning, water extinguishing, or the effects of other extinguishing measures,
  • the fall of aircraft or their debris,
  • illegal actions of third parties,
  • errors and omissions in the production of works,
  • short circuit, mains overvoltage,
  • damage by falling or falling parts,
  • hitting construction and other equipment,
  • other emergency events not excluded by the terms of insurance under the policy or by the rules, or provided for by special extensions of coverage specifically mentioned in the policy.
Detailed insured risks, insurance calculations will be negotiated in the insurance contract.