Eskhata Sughurta insures a variety of cargos of corporate entities and individuals for the period of transportation, during storage, as well as expenses associated with the transportation of goods, and business risks associated with possible losses of the insured caused by loss, loss or damage to the cargo.
The insurance assumes the risks of loss, destruction or damage to the cargo, with signs of probability and chance of occurrence. It also provides for the reimbursement of lost profits (lost earnings), as well as costs associated with the execution of the supply contract, general average contributions, as well as necessary and appropriate expenses incurred to save the cargo, reduce the loss and establish its size.
By agreement of the Parties, an insurance contract may be concluded on the terms “With liability for all risks”, “With liability for a limited accident” or “Without liability for damage, except in cases of collapse”. Cargo with special delivery conditions may be insured under special reservations.