Financial Risk Insurance
Responsibility of financial institutions – Professional liability insurance of financial institutions provides insurance protection against losses incurred by clients of a financial institution as a result of unintentional erroneous actions, inaction or negligence of employees.
Electronic and computer crimes – Insurance contract for electronic and computer crimes, that is, crimes committed against banks and other financial institutions using their computer networks and electronic payment systems.
Insurance banking risks – The frequency of application of fraudulent schemes in issuing loans and other operations performed by bank employees has increased significantly since the beginning of the crisis, and the amount of theft increased. The BBB policy will allow indemnification of losses including from the loss of valuables in the cash desks and vaults of banks, as well as in the process of their transportation. The financial institution faces such risks in its operations daily.
Professional liability – Professional liability insurance is relevant for companies providing work / services in various fields, as it provides protection against financial loss due to the occurrence of legally justified liability to a third party.
Insurance against dishonesty / fraud – The program of insurance against illegal actions in Eskhata Sughurta is a type of insurance against the financial risks of legal entities. Insurance against dishonesty provides not only comprehensive protection against the consequences of fraudulent actions, but also allows the company to demonstrate its concern about effective risk management.