Agricultural Insurance from Climate Risk.
At the moment, Eskhata Sughurta is conducting research on the implementation of a new project within the insurance sector of the Agrarian Sector — climate risk insurance.
According to a study of climate change institutions, there are a number of potential events in global meteorological changes. Based on this, unusual weather conditions were recorded in different regions of Tajikistan, such as early winters, warm temperatures of the weather during the winter period, drought, high temperatures and sunlight during the summer period. According to our dekhkan farms, weather conditions play a significant role in crop yields.
At the beginning of the sowing season in 2019, the launch of a pilot project on agricultural insurance in the field of crop production is expected.
This project was initiated by the decision of OJSC “Bank Eskhata” together with foreign companies involved in the provision and implementation of agricultural insurance in different countries of the world. Such projects are implemented in the USA, Canada, Georgia, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Moldova and other countries in Africa and Asia. Our team will develop this new project and in the near future will provide hard-working farmers with an alternative climate risk management tool.